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  1. I think that might be the secret sauce!! the 99% isopropyl I just use vinegar and Windex.
  2. that is my exact thought I'm painting side and back so they wont see each other! give them more protection.
  3. I'm having a bit difficulty getting my acrylic paint to stick in select spots. They were all cleaned well and fist coat went on fine but there are like spots that seem to be stubborn....
  4. If you don’t mind me asking do you paint your bottoms and sides?
  5. Hey guys just sharing a picture of the bottom of my bare bottom tanks. I saw a video I think by gregjones spray painting the bottom most of his tanks with rostoleum stone paint and thought I would give it a try. It’s a nice alternative to just doing black or no bottom. And cheaper then you’d think.!
  6. Hello everyone,. Yesterday I was curious to see what my base line water parameter numbers were because I'm in the process of setting up an auto water change with sediment filter and carbon filter. My chlorine level looked like it registered 0 ppm after 1 minute! I walked away for a couple minutes went back to throw the test strip and the chlorine level was up.... I'm confused by this i talked to my LFS and they said i should get a pool chlorine test kit? anyone else experience a test strip go up on chlorine after the 1 minute?
  7. Thank you for the reality check haha!!
  8. Hello everyone in the process of acquiring parts for my 9 tank fish rack( 8-10 gallon 1-40 breeder. Had an idea and was wondering if it was an original idea or if people do this already! So I came across inkbirds bbq wifi thermometers and was thinking instead of using it for bbq using it for the rack. It has 4 probes (I would use 2) for each row of tanks the app looks like you can set temps and notifications if they dip below the temp you want!?! I think it’s cool as a safety net. What do you guys think. Oh and obviously it tells the temp and has a real time graph setting of the temps!
  9. Thanks guys I got 2 down 6 more to go so hopefully we got all the cracking out of the way…
  10. Hello everyone, Just tried my hand at drilling my first 10 gallon tanks. the first was a miss i tried the template then removing it but because the bit was so new it was very much "sticky" and it just grabbed the right way and cracked a bout an inch. so on try 2 i decided to keep the template there and it was nearly perfect except for a small crack and that's why I am here. what do you guys think GO or NO GO? the next 2 came out great slow and steady wins the race.....
  11. I ended up going with the Eheim Jager 75w I got them for 18.52 each which hopefully wasn't to bad.
  12. thank you for your response!! i actually have an inkbird from when i was into my hard cider making hobby. I did give that a thought but i think i remmeber pauying at least 26 dollars for that one and with a cheap element for 8 plus tanks i dont see that being benifitial. thank you unless some how I can connect multiple tanks to one controller hmm
  13. thank you for your response!! that was I'm initial thought but i will be keeping mainly actually all of my fish will be exotic plecos, apistos and maybe rams at some point and heating up my basement to 82ish might not be practical but I will have to look more into it. thank you!!
  14. Any other thoughts on budget friendly heaters? Ehiem 75 is where I’m at right now I would like to see the size I heard they are quite large.
  15. thank you for that!! if that's the one I'm thinking of it does have a controller on it! its a button that you keep hitting and it raises or lowers temp.
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