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  1. Its my understanding that the java fern is a rhizome plant that feeds from the water column. I'm not sure how they will do planted in the substrate. I'm a fan of gluing them to rocks or wood. your other plants look okay! I didn't have any luck with bacopia Caroliniana.
  2. something with aloe* looks like his slime coat is minimal from the pictures
  3. 7 years is a good run for living in such a small tank. I would start off by trying to get his water parameters more neutral. I would maybe do a 50% water change with a touch more prime or whatever water conditioner you use.
  4. Its my understanding that root tabs will break down and stay in the soil/substrate and be absorbed into the roots of the plants. while carbon would take out organic materials from the water column thru mechanical filtration. So yes I would say keeping carbon will have no impact! good luck!!!
  5. I have a pair or L134's they are really awesome fish! what I do is take my flashlight shine it off the tank while the room is dark and then start to shine it on the tank just until you can see inside the cave. Try not to go 100% all at once. Good luck!!
  6. Anubias Congensis! looks to be the one! im seriously thinking of removing my amazon sword and replacing it with these guys! I have sand substrate.
  7. Sorry for the crappy picture, Im a bit disgusted with my tank! I have a bit of an algae problem at the moment.
  8. A thought barteri was much bigger with rounder plants but I’ll check it out thank you!
  9. Hello everyone, I just stopped by a LFS for some more plants and came upon a plant they seem to think it’s in the Anubias family that looks like an Amazon sword? I ended up purchasing it because I was intrigued like I said it kinda looks like a sword but with thicker anubias feeling leaves. Anyone have an ideas on type/ name?? I’ll take a picture once I have a chance. Thank you in advance!!
  10. Is it possible it died before "getting stuck? I had same concerns about a tetra that died by getting stuck in my tidal 35 filter and everyone that responded ensured me fish are pretty capable of maneuvering. just wondering if it was something else.
  11. I’m with the others big piece of interesting drift wood and plants. I actually have a soft spot in my heart for Amazon Biotopes. Some day I would love to have the chance at a 120!!! My tank is only a 20L
  12. Had to break a small piece off of it but fits perfect now!
  13. Hello everyone I recently (about 3 weeks ago) added new Ghostwood dirft wood to my tank and was very close to a perfect fit! But it kept floating. I said To my self I would just keep it in and let it soak... fast forward 3 weeks I can’t close my lid 🙈did it change size? Anyone experience this before? Or is it just me? Maybe it just shifted but I can’t close my lid.....
  14. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone had an issues with Amano shrimp Eating Eggs? I Have an apisto trio and not sure if I should remove the amano shrimp. i do have quite a bit of algae so im not sure if they will ever be too hungry but hopefully you guys will have more experience. Thanks in Advance!!
  15. This happened to me also I got a group of cardinal tetras and neon tetras they dropped like flies and I really had to look for them! Under any and every decoration!!! And they will be pale to almost grey so look out for that!
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