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  1. Great thanks. was a bit worried as I've not put anything in there but the plants from the co-op. Don't even have shrimp in there yet LOL
  2. These showed up today about a week or so after adding the plants I ordered to my tank. Any idea of what kind of snails they are. I was setting up this tank as a shrimp only tank are these going to bother my shrimp?
  3. Great thanks for the ideas friends. I wanted to try something more natural than doing a ph stabilizer
  4. So I have 2 40gallon cube tanks 1 20 gallon tank and a betta fish hydroponics tank. We recently moved from North Las Vegas to a house in Vegas proper the PH here is vastly different. Our water is also considered liquid rock. Not sure about actual numbers on hardness but my former 135 gallon African Cichlid tank they were breeding like crazy and very happy. When we move we lost the 135 gallon tank thank to the movers and gave all my big guys away. I have a baby that somehow tagged along. My question is my Ph is high here as in 8.2+ I tested directly from the tap what's the best way to bring the PH under control? In one 40 gallon we have guppies, neons, snails, 3 green corries, 3 Kuhlies, and some cherry shirmp. In the other 40 my other half has goldfish and some mollies. Lilbit the baby cichlid is in the 20 gallon for now. (don't tell other half but I'd like to get another big tank)
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