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  1. Thank you very much for all the information, helps a lot
  2. The tank is 40 gallons, and they are already in the tank Also the water is on 200 of hardness
  3. Hello, not sure if this goes on General discussion but her it goes, I'm wondering if the fish that have in my tank is a good community combination: 2 Angel Fish 2 Red Platy 2 Golden Whonder Killifish 3 Neon Blue Gourami 5 Otocinclus 5 Nerite Snails 2 Mystery Snails 3 Silver Danio 1 Leopard Danio 3 Zebra Danio 3 Corydoras 10 Ghostshrimps (Or less) I want to add an apistogramma agassizii, it is a good Idea to add them to my tank? So far they seem pretty chill
  4. https://youtu.be/ndKlwIRZylc?si=V_5leM-upXeGsvPS I have uploaded a video, the first gourami have de bump like two weeks already, I dont see them inactive or anything
  5. These was taked yesterday
  6. Hello I'm seeking help and recomendations on my fish, one of my gourami started to have a bump near his tail fin, and the the others two have a bump in their chest, so now one of my Angel fish started to have a bump near his fin, is this a parasite or bacteria?? Hope you can see it on the pictures
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