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  1. I have 5 serpaes in a 55 gal. planted community tank with 21 other fish and 5 nerites and nobody has ever been nipped. They are very busy yet docile with their tank mates. Never had a problem.
  2. This is simply gorgeous! Great job!
  3. I got a test kit for phosphates and I have ZERO. So, I'm getting a supplement. My Anubias are starting to yellow on the edges.
  4. I use knee highs to strain oil infusions, homemade vinegar and tinctures.
  5. You can get knee highs at a dollar store really cheap. They work great for a lot of things.
  6. That's VERY helpful! Thanks JoeQ!
  7. Thank you JoeQ. What levels should I be aiming for?
  8. How important are phosphate levels for plants? I have Fluval substrate and dose with Easy Green and Iron weekly but I don't know the phosphate level in my tank. Should I be checking that as well?
  9. I've had some pretty remarkable come backs! I feel as long as there is green somewhere in there, I'll remove any obvious dead material and let it be for a while. I've had Crypts take several months to start new growth. I'd say, just be patient, you never know. Good luck!
  10. Yes. We have a water softener. I'm reluctant to introduce anything that will raise the pH any higher than it already is. I can use bypass water. I'll try that. I have 4 other nerites that are very happy and have perfect shells. They just deposited eggs on the spider wood the other day.
  11. pH is 8.2, total hardness is 25 ppm and carbonates around 240 ppm
  12. She was like this when I got her only 3 days ago.
  13. I just purchased a little Horned Nerite Snail. It has a large white deposit on its shell. The snail is less than 1/2 " across. The LFS said it was a calcium deposit. Will this eventually wear off or is she marked for life?
  14. Thanks everybody! I'll try a liquid supplement.
  15. I have a planted 55 gal. tank with mixed tetras, otocinclus, cories and nerite snails. My anubias leaves are yellowing along the edges and tips. They've been in the tank for 4 mos. I have little to no iron in the water. Is it possible (and safe) to dissolve an iron supplement tablet in the tank? The tablets are 65 mg. carbonyl iron and 125 mg. ascorbic acid. My pH is about 8.2, carbonates around 300 ppm, total alkalinity 180 ppm, total hardness about 25 ppm. My Java ferns, water lilly and banana plants are very happy. I dose with Easy Green liquid every 2 weeks and tabs once a month. Anyone have advise?
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