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  1. For the skinny betta. He’s still refusing food. I don’t think he’s going to make it. I have him on expel P and he doesn’t seem to get any better. He has. A desire to eat but always spits it out. It’s strange. update on the blind betta. He’s doing really well and is thriving. And his eye swelling seemed to go down a bit!
  2. Currently treating Maracyn and Expel P. They seem to be perking up. I discovered the skinny one will ONLY eat brine shrimp. Live or packaged. But the blinds good eye seems to be bigger than normal. Is this Pop Eye?
  3. Someone came to me with two new bettas! This is the third new one this week! One of them seems to have a tumor in place of what should’ve been an eye. The second one is incredibly skinny. Still willing to eat however I’m unsure how to go about either of them. They are both placed in quarantine tanks with half a tablespoon of salt in their five gallons and catalpa leaves for tannins! Should I consider anything else afterwards? I’m debating which meds to use and which ones to save until I see further symptoms. How would you guys diagnose these ones?
  4. I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions on aquarium dividers especially for territorial species like bettas. Obviously I would never divide anything less than like a 20 gallon long. But I’m trying to decided if I should put a divider in a 40 gallon I have so I can house two separate bettas. However I’ve heard they can sense each other especially if the divider is not of good quality or see through. but just in general, I’ve heard circulation becomes poor for the side without oxygenation and heat also becomes an issue. Should I invest in dividers or do you think it causes more harm than good?
  5. Thanks so much for the help! I ordered Epsom salt and Fritz expel and it’s coming on Tuesday. So far she’s looking a lot better today she’s more colored up and is no Longer staying at the surface. She’s still struggling to swim low but not nearly as bad as yesterday. She’s swimming near a bottom a lot more. I put all the colonized beneficial bacteria I could into the quarantine tank and the tank looks to be going through a bacterial bloom unfortunately still. It looks as though it’s not effecting her but just want to double check to see if I should do daily water changes to help even though she’s going through med treatments. Is there any specific brand of Epsom salt that you would recommend @Colu
  6. When I first started out keeping fish, it took me awhile but I learned that if you have the animals best interest at heart, you’ll really consider upgrading the tank. Everyone starts somewhere there is no judgment for growth 🙂 what does his diet look like as well? also quick tip. It doesn’t happen very often but I’ve heard that sometimes painted substrate can be harmful to fish. The paint can break down and decompose releasing epoxy a toxic chemical into the water leading to poisoning your fish. I believe he will get better with a tank upgrade and live plants instead of plastic. Plastic is always hit or miss usually not a good idea since it’s so sharp it’ll cut up your fish. It’d be like if we were in a very small cage with pins and needles sticking through a cage. We’d always get poked!! however I do want to lastly say I’m proud of you. A lot of fish keepers will disregard the animal as worthless and just let it suffer. It’s incredibly admirable to decide to come to a whole new forum to educate one another as well and ensure that you are providing the best treatment for your fish! blessings!!
  7. Hi there! I just want to confirm this is the right treatment for this little gal Winnie. I picked her up today and she’s not in the best condition. I put her into a quarantine tank to treat her for fin/body rot and a swim bladder problem. right now she’s in a five gallon quarantine tank with half a tablespoon of salt and MaracynX. I might add another half tablespoon tomorrow as well. I just didn’t want to overwhelm her system on the first day. I put a couple Catappa leaves for tannins. She didn’t eat today but at first she tried and than spit it up and gave up! I have a couple options for her to try whenever she’s ready. She also seems very bloated. I wonder if I should treat for parasites as well. She seems to have a white fuzzy matter extending from her anal region. Anything else I should be aware of to ensure best recovery for little Winnie would be greatly appreciated 🙂
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