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  1. My sweet female betta has some white spots and I am itching to treat her for Ich. Yesterday was the first time I noticed them, and she had 5 spots…2 on fins, one above her mouth, and 2 on her side. Otherwise, she seems to be doing great. This morning, she only has two spots on her body, in a new location. I watched the YouTube videos that said to wait to see if they get more numerous, because they could be cysts or stress ich. She does have new tank mates- glo cory catfish. I can’t make out any spots on anyone else. My iPhone isn’t taking good enough pictures to post. Should I wait to treat? I have API super Ich cure at home. It contains benzaldehyde green and 1% PVP. Temp= 76F Ammonia= 0 Nitrates = 10 ppm Nitrite=0 pH=7.2 KH= 40 GH= 30 Last water change was 3 days ago. Many thanks!
  2. NO3 = 0 NO2 = 0 pH = 7.0 KH = 80 GH = 30 temp = 80F I’ve lost 3 of the 4 I bought 3 days ago. They are/were in a quarantine tank, but they were sluggish, not running away from my hand. I’m not even sure they’re eating. I’ve already dosed once with Maracyn and once with Paracleanse, starting yesterday. They are so small I can’t tell what looks off about them, except maybe the one’s hills are red. No white spots that I can tell. Q1: Is it possible my water sample from the top of the tank is cleaner than where they are swimming at the bottom? I am feeding them frozen baby brine shrimp, sinking waters and blood worms. I did a 25% water change yesterday, but because the tank is sitting in my bathtub, my suction cleaner doesn’t work because it is level with my bucket. So there is still food at the bottom of the 10 gal tank. Maybe I will do 100% water change today. Q2: Should I try aquarium salts? If so, how much for 10 gal? Many thanks!
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