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Newbie- is it ich? Should I treat?


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My sweet female betta has some white spots and I am itching to treat her for Ich.  Yesterday was the first time I noticed them, and she had 5 spots…2 on fins, one above her mouth, and 2 on her side.  Otherwise, she seems to be doing great.  This morning, she only has two spots on her body, in a new location.

I watched the YouTube videos that said to wait to see if they get more numerous, because they could be cysts or stress ich.  

She does have new tank mates- glo cory catfish.  I can’t make out any spots on anyone else.  My iPhone isn’t taking good enough pictures to post.  

Should I wait to treat?  I have API super Ich  cure at home.  It contains benzaldehyde green and 1% PVP.


Temp= 76F

Ammonia= 0

Nitrates = 10 ppm

KH= 40
GH= 30

Last water change was 3 days ago.


Many thanks!

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