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  1. I'm cycling a 2 gallon nanotank with plans to add some RCS for my office. Since I know shrimp benefit from a "seasoned" set up, I've avoided water changes as long as the tank water parameters have not been out of control. I've also added very small doses BacterAe a few times a week, one catappa leaf, some plants. After about 3 weeks, I think I'm close to being done (takes 2 days for 1-2ppm ammonia to result in 0 ammonia and nitrates), but I'm not sure if I've been too hands off with the process? The Crypto leaves have melted (bottom right corner), the banana plant has some white fuzz growing with leaves following off, and the walls are getting pretty filthy. Do I need to start over? Thanks!
  2. I find feeding instructions to be overly confusing. I currently have a 29gallon community tank with 7 harlequin rasboras, 6 neon tetras, 5 panda corydoras, 2 honey gouamis, 1 bolivian ram, 1 oto (started out with 4 but only one survived), and 1 guppy (was a random fry that snuck in when I purchased other fish that ended up surviving in the tank). I feed xtreme nano pellets and xtreme bottom wafers. The instructions say to feed nano pellets and the wafers "as much as can be consumed in 2-3 minutes." Well, each day, I usually put a pinch of about 20-30 nano pellets that get gobbled up within 15 seconds and then a single bottom wafer that fish graze on for at least an hour or two (but is always gone by the next morning). Any other feeding guidelines to go by not as dependent on time? Some of my fish are super quick eaters while others take their sweet time.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the Water Wisteria in my current tank does require a good amount of trimming/replanting..and then Java fern is pretty large. I planned on repropogating them in the new tank to transfer some biofilm/bacteria, but you're probably right. I've heard Moneywort is similar to Water Wisteria? Also, would S Repens require less care than dwarf sag or microsword?
  4. Sorry for the many posts...but this is truly the best forum out there! I'm planning out my 2 gallon shrimp nano tank. It's for my office, so I don't want too much upkeep/tending needed...but enough for my shrimp to enjoy themselves. Right now, I plan on getting some plants online (where I'll get my shrimp) and then attempting to propogate a few from my own tank (to transfer some biofilm)... "Assorted Moss" on 5 inch Cholla Wood Anubias nana on 2 inch Driftwood Red cryptocoryne (bare rooted or potted plant...does it matter?) Water Wisteria (propogated from my current estbalished tank) Java Fern tied to some sort of decor (propogated from my current established tank) Is that too many plants for a 2 gallon tank...or not enough? I was thinknig of a carpeting plant as well(Dwarf Sag or Microsword?), but I made the mistake of overcrowding my first 30 gallon tank and don't want to make the same mistake. Thanks!!
  5. Great points about needing seasoned biofilm for shrimp to browse on. Maybe I'll try to transfer some plants over to the new tank.
  6. My new tank has a sponge filter, not hob. So I planned on putting the new sponge in the HOB filter of my existing tank if it fits or letting it sit in the tank (does it make a difference?). Since I don't have a HOB for my new tank, anything else I can do to clean out existing filter in new tank? Maybe squeeze out some of the existing HOB sponge into new tank on the substrate
  7. I have a mature 30 gallon tank with HOB filter. I plan on setting up a 2 gallon cube nano shrimp tank for my office. I'm going with a sponge filter for the new tank. What's the best way to jumpstart the cycle before I add shrimp? Put the new sponge filter in my existing tank HOB and let it run for a couple weeks? Try to transfer some filter media from my old HOB to the new tank? Sprinkle some substrate, maybe transfer some decor from old to new tank? Thanks!
  8. I am using Easy Green now. Was using Seachem Flourish before. I've also used the Flourish Tabs. The instructions said every 3-4 months..but maybe that's not frequent enough?
  9. Just the Honey Gourami. Well..I had an Oto also pass recently…but I think I just don’t have much luck with Otos. My kh is pretty low I think..about 50ppm? I could put in more crushed coral in my filter.
  10. Ya..there was a period of time when the immersive growth leaves died off and the submerged growth was coming in that things looked pretty good/green. So not sure how to deal with this die off. Any ideas?
  11. I don't recall the exact Gh/Kh but I recall it being low due to local tap water. I measured it to figure out why my ph kept on dropping when I first cycled my tank. I keep my light on while I'm gone for the day... so about 8 to 9 hrs a day?
  12. PH is 6.8. Water here is pretty soft so I have some crushed coral in the filter or else water gets even lower than that. 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites. Nitrates usually between 20 and 50
  13. Hello best aquarium forum on the internet! I would love some advice on what's going on with my planted tank, especially if it may be harming my fishs' health. The tank is about 6 months old. I started out with some Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Water Wisteria, Pogostetum Stellatus Octopus. Added some Vallisneria a couple months later. Things started out nicely, I replanted some plants after it seemed like old growth was dying out. It used to be the main problem was some leaves turning white, but now I'm noticing a lot more dead/dying leaves, a lot more algae (?), just kind of looks like a mess. My my concern is if it may be harming my fishs' health. I had a honey gourami die last week all of a sudden. All the water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph, temp) were fine..could it still be all the excess dead foliage? I do what I can to take out the dead leaves during my weekly water changes, but it's a lot. I used to use Seachmem Flourish/Excel. I just switched to Coop Easy Green and Easy Carbon a couple weeks ago (my fish died a couple days after first dose of the Easy Carbon..I hope that's a coiincidence). I currently use an Aqueon LED Deluxe Full Hood wiht lights on during the day. Since the sun has been out more, and the aquarium is right by the window (only place to put it), maybe I should skip using the hood light?
  14. I brought home a trio of oto's yesterday for my 29 gallon tank. I know a lot has been written/discussed about the viability of oto's, but I trust my LFS (all the fish there look alert, healthy, and well taken care of) and it seems like several times, oto's are already on their way out before being sold. They're pretty shy, but it was encouraging to see two of them already feeding off the glass with what appears to be nice, round bellies. The owner said the otos basically fed off of algae in the tank. He would also throw in a Xtreme Bottom Wafer (shared with other fish) but wasn't sure if the otos ate the wafers. Should the otos be offered specific algae wafers? Also, any specific plants that seem to encourage more algae growth the otos would like? I have a planted tank but probably have room for another plant.
  15. If you have a male/female gourami…I’m assuming the male isn’t harassing the female, the same way live bearers do? When I had the female platy, the male guppy was harassing her so much, I felt really bad and had to return the platy. Have they ever tried to breed? Yea..I’ve heard mixed things about guppies…that if there is no female, then the males will get along. But I’ve also heard of them causing a ruckus, and I wouldn’t want to add any conflict to the tank.
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