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  1. @Colu @Whitecloud09 You guys are the best! I ordered the Focus and Metroplex. Arrives today. Had to use Amazon. Last day of Maracyn 2 then water change and then restart Maracyn2 with oral Metroplex. Good news!! Goldfish scales seem to be going down. Salt is at 1T/2 gall. Fish is happy, eating but feeding very small meals. I am so grateful for your replies and solid advice! Chat later! Kindly, Colette
  2. Oh ok, I can hold off. My LFS person thought it should be ok, but I , as usual wanted to double check. Thank you @Whitecloud09 As you can see, I need guidance. I appreciate and respect your input. Kindly, Colette
  3. @Colu can Gen Cure and Maracyn 2 go together? I do not have Metroplex. Thanks, Colette
  4. @Colu Thank you for replying and confirming. I am so grateful for all the advice! Fish keeping is tough for a beginner. I want to be good at it and enjoy it. Right now, it is like a fish hospital at our home. Ok staying the course. have a great afternoon! Colette
  5. @Whitecloud09 Hey, thank you so much. I am just worried and I know time is important here with this disease. This discussion board has been so very helpful. I will be patient. Thank you all so much. My neurologic Angel is hangin in there. Working on stress relief, tank navigation and finding her food. Really, thank you thank you! colette
  6. @Colu when is the appropriate time to increase Aquarium salt in tank? 48 hrs at 1T/2 gall with no improvement in fluid decrease. Pinecone scales starting to show, but not many. Still wait 7 days at this salt ratio 1T/2 gall? I saw on the Aq coop Salt Youtube video- you mention specifically Epsom Salt for dropsy. Should I try that? Or stick with Aq Salt as you suggested? The fish is not constipated. Pooping normally. Fairly energetic. Breathing well. Thank you very much! Colette
  7. @Colu @Whitecloud09 thank you both very much! I have done a water change, increased the Aq salt to 1 T/ 2 galls. I have to buy Metroplex. But will fast fish 3 days first. He is already very mad about that. I hope he hangs in! A free carnival fish and I am all in. 3 weeks of care, I can handle it. I am an ER vet tech so this may explain my need for a treatment protocol and some good luck. @Colu how long to salt fish at this higher concentration? 5 days? thanks! Colette
  8. @Whitecloud09 this is helpful! I can easily fast the fish. His stool is normal. He is happy and active. I will do a water change since I have Auarium salt in the QT currently. Then add epsom salt, continue Maracyn. Does that sound like a good plan? thanks!
  9. @Colu @Whitecloud09 Any dosing reccs on Epsom salt for dropsy in the tank ? Tips in Epsom Salt use too? Anyone have Dropsy success / survival? My LFS person has not used Epsom salt, so they said to fast fish 3 days. Maracyn 2 is on board. Thank you!! Colette
  10. @Colu @Whitecloud09 My angel is finally slowly improving neurologically. Swimming normally last 36 hrs. Eating very small amounts. Gen cure and Aq salt in the tank for a few more days. I will continue to keep her separated. Thank you all so very much for the advice and support! Colette
  11. Hi, my common goldfish has early stage dropsy. Eating, active, stools normal now- were stringy. He was lethargic, better today. Still swollen with bulging eyes. Few pine cone scales observed today. QT is 5 gall, with bubbler/ filter no carbon. QT Has Aq salt in it and Maracyn 2, currently. My question is- are epsom salt dips at 1 Tablespoon/ gall for 15 min preferred for dropsy? OR should I change the QT water out and add lower dose Epsom to QT tank for 5 days? I could really use epsom salt dosages, and duration. I hope to save him. He is so cute and social. Here is how he looks.
  12. @ColuThank you! I can try that. Have you ever seen an Angelfish go from slow circling to the right, to slow backward/ Backflip circles? Here are some still photos of how she moves. I cannot upload videos. Again she can hold herself steady at times, just not for long. Have a great day and thank you for all the advice. I do appreciate it. Colette
  13. @Colu much thanks- epsom salt. I can try that. Epsom salt and Aquarium salt in same tank is not too much? colette
  14. @Colu Hi and thank you!! Nothing definative. She was declining, then much improved Thursday, swimming better, eating better off food clips. Friday, overnight, stuck in the driftwood, bolted out somehow, then lateral on the bottom for 1 hour. Recovered Friday. By Saturday, circling, slowly whirling backwards as if she is on a Slow motion roller coaster. Vet thinks neuro or swim bladder. Not clear. I just put the fish in this tank today, with the salt. Is a water change safe? I am just desperate at this point. Fish has been unwell for 2-3 weeks thanks so much, colette
  15. @Colu @Whitecloud09 Hello, My angel is not well. Had a few promising days with better stability and appetite. Went to fish vet. Angel’s fecal negative. Water tested normal. All videos of her symptoms were reviewed. As of yesterday, Saturday, she is slowly spinning, rolling backwards with little evidence of the ability to stop herself for long. She is in a hospital tank with aqur. Salt 1 Tbspn/5 gall. Also has Gen Cure in there, just in case. Vet said to try it. In terms of salt ratio for swim bladder- do I stick with the API product reccs or try your 1:2 or 1:3 salt to gall ratio, as in your article? much thanks! Colette
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