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  1. Cool idea. I love using pot scrubbers too but in this case they’ll be too big I think.
  2. Hi all, I’m buying plumbing today for my next tank and the diy internal filter. In your tanks, those that have filtration other than air driven what over flow or intake do you prefer? Surface skimmer, comb or intake or something else? The filter I’ve designed is basically an internal sump first section will be 3 grades of sponges, noodles and bio media in section 2, heater, diy co2 reactor and pump in section 3. What’s your preference? regards Duzzy
  3. Hi there, ‘’I friend asked for an I.D. To this plant/moss regards Duzzy
  4. Thanks Mark and Lindsey. I was thinking similar I was just wanting confirmation or reassurance from someone before proceeding. I’d thought of superglue but I always end in such a mess plus if I ever remove it I can with silicon and a razor. The filter sump section will have 3 compartments 150mm x 150mm x 450mm each enough for my hand to reach in. Also the baffles will be acrylic I think I’ll use Weldon number 3 or 4 on one side and silicon the other should do. 1st compartment 3 different sponges and noodles, second compartment bioballs so that a peace lily and or pothos and third compartment variable speed pump diy co2 reactor and a heater (if needed). And acrylic covers on top of the 1st and 3rd filter compartments….. thanks again Regards Darrem
  5. Hi there, putting a diy sump in a 60 x 45 x 45 cm rimless to make the tank 45 x 45 x45 cm cube. I’m using black acryli. I'm thinking the the pressure on either side will be the same because it’s basically a baffl. my question is can I use black silicon? I know silicon isn’t great on acrylic but I’m thinking it will enough to neatly hold the dividi wall and the filter baffles. thoughts possible problems. im doing this for the challenge and I love the diy. regards Darren
  6. What pump is it you are running to get 37 tanks if you don’t mind me asking. And do you have a release valve? regards Duzzy🇦🇺
  7. Hi there, has anyone used the Nitto Kohki Medo LA80B blower it’s the only linnear piston model I’ve been able to in Australia I believe I’ll need to add a bleeder valve and gauge to reduce strain on motor. They’re $450-$550 here which is fine (more than expected but fine…) any body had experience with them? regards Duzzy🇦🇺
  8. According to my research a matter filter uses 7-7.5 litres per minute. Coincidentally I’m getting the bigger model to Cory’s and installing a gauge with a bleeder valve.
  9. Hi there, we are putting in a fish wall maybe 12-20 tanks running matten and or sponge tanks including "The Dean” fry system i’m after a recommendation for a very quiet air pump. I’m thinking in the vacinity of 7-10 litres per minute per tank. suggestions? Regards Duzzy🇦🇺
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