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  1. I know there is marine salt and aquarium salt as well as the Aquarium Co Op Baby Brine Shrimp Salt. I know that marine salt and aquarium salt are two different types of salt. Marine salt is used to create a salt water or brackish tank. Aquarium salt, I believe, is used more to keep the fish and tank healthy. Obviously the Aquarium Co Op Baby Brine Shrimp Salt is supposed to be used in the hatching of baby brine shrimp. I want to buy some aquarium salt to keep my tank healthy and was going to buy the Fritz Freshwater salt. The reviews are very good on their salt but wanted to get some opinions from folks on this forum. Also can you use the Aquarium Co-Op Baby Brine Shrimp salt as Marine salt as well? I currently use Instant Ocean and am almost out. I have 14 pounds of the Aquarium Co-Op Baby Brine Shrimp Salt and was curious if I could use that in place of the Instant Ocean.
  2. How do you do a water change when you are growing out baby brine shrimp to adults without losing or killing them? I have a pretty good batch growing and don’t want to lose them. Is there a simple way or how does anyone do it?
  3. I bought a Fluval FX2 a month or so ago and used the media that came with it. I’m using it in a 75 gallon community tank with about 10-12 fish in it. I want to have the cleanest and clearest tank possible without messing up the good bacteria. Fluval offers so many options in media for the FX2 and have no idea what combination would work the best. I’ve included pictures of what media is available. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Can I use Repashy Soilent Green to feed the BBS I’m growing to adulthood or can’t they eat it in the gel form? What do you recommend?
  5. I’m going to put it in a 125 gallon tank and it’ll be the only fish in the tank.
  6. I would like to get either an African Pike or a Red Atabapo Pike. Has anyone had experience with both of them? I like aggressive predator fish tanks and want to get the most aggressive of the two. I have 3 Rocket Gars in a tank and have 3 Peppermint Pike in a different tank as well as a tank of Bucktooth Tetras. I would like to add one either one of the fish I mentioned above in another tank. I’d like any thoughts, opinions and suggestions anyone might have. Thanks.
  7. How do you know when the majority of your eggs have hatched? I bought my BBS eggs from Aquarium Co-Op and was just curious how you know when they are done. I seem to be trying to stop them early but have let them run for 24 - 30 hours. There seems to still be a lot of eggs versus BBS. How does everyone else know when the eggs are done and you can harvest them?
  8. Thank you. I'll give it a shot. I use the same ice cube tray and most of mine look like the ones on the outside and I'm striving to get them like the ones on the inside.
  9. I filter my newly hatched baby brine shrimp using either the 2 net system or a sieve. I always seem not to be able to get them to be concentrated and always left in water. After I filter them that’s how concentrated I’d like them to be. But in order to get them all out of the net or sieve I have to rinse them out with water. I want to be able to freeze them being mostly baby brine shrimp with as little water as possible. I’ve looked online and on google but can’t really seem to find a way to accomplish it. The first two pictures are what I’d like my baby brine shrimp to look like when I freeze them and the third picture is what I’m stuck with now. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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