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Baby Brine Shrimp freezing question


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I filter my newly hatched baby brine shrimp using either the 2 net system or a sieve.  I always seem not to be able to get them to be concentrated and always left in water.  After I filter them that’s how concentrated I’d like them to be.  But in order to get them all out of the net or sieve I have to rinse them out with water.  I want to be able to freeze them being mostly baby brine shrimp with as little water as possible.  I’ve looked online and on google but can’t really seem to find a way to accomplish it.  The first two pictures are what I’d like my baby brine shrimp to look like when I freeze them and the third picture is what I’m stuck with now.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!




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I’d say either hatch more, or put them in a smaller volume of water after you sieve them. 

I hatch 1 tablespoon of eggs, rinse them in a sieve, and then they get frozen. I use ~120ml of water and end up with this:


You can tell that the left and right vertical rows are not as concentrated as the 4 center rows. While I wish they were all perfectly concentrated, this most definitely works for me. I feed 12 cubes (2 horizontal rows) each day, with the goal being approximately the same amount daily. Works pretty well for me. 

What’s left in the Tupperware container is what gets fed live. Everything else is frozen and gets fed throughout the week until I need to hatch again. 

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I use a hard sieve. I suck up what I can straight from the sieve with no water. Then I get pure bbs cubes. 
All the ones stuck to the sieve get rinsed to another container. I let it set for a moment and use a pipette to siphon the thickest concentration from the bottom. I feed the rest of the ones with too much water or freeze those to use in tanks that have less fish or for fry. 

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