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  1. I should add too, I use API stress coat. Could that be causing some clarity issues too?
  2. I will give that a shot too. I have changed food twice, but both could be clouding the water?
  3. That's a great idea, I didn't think about that. So you think its still probably a bacterial bloom then?
  4. I have an on going issue with my aquarium, and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge can help. Picture included. I have a 20 gallon set up with a fluval 207 filter. It has three small koi on it. I've been having a milky white water issue since I set it up (about 6 months). I've done alot of research, and have read that it may be a bacterial bloom and to just wait it out. But its stayed that way for two months with no sight of getting better. What happens is I'll change about 50% of the water and it will clear up for about two or three days. I'll wake up on the third day and boom white water. Which as I've read, lines up with the bacterial bloom, but it will not improve. I've tested ph level, nitrate level, and ammonia. All at positive levels (in fact below what's expected). I've done a total cleaning, including rinsing every rock to make sure its not some contamination from packaging. All the sub straight in the filter was cleaned to make sure it wasn't from that. The water looks as if I diluted milk with alot of water. I've exhausted all the ideas I have, and what most the internet (minus forums), but alas, milky water. Please, if someone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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