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  1. Eddy_C

    Unwell goldfish

    Thanks so much @Colu Im assuming I can quarantine in a small tank with water from the larger one. Is an airstone generally enough and/or should I use a mini filter (Ilas I have one one hand). I'm also assuming frequent water changes over the 7 day period? Thank you again, I'll give this a try today
  2. Hi all, I have an unwell goldfish in my 130 litre tank. There are 3 other goldfish and a School of danios in the tank and they are all fine. Over the past day the unwell goldfish will sit on the bottom of the tank for quite some time. Every now and then she will swim between the bottom to the middle of the tank for a few minutes before sitting down again. The fish will be spending most time hiding in a corner behind some plants, but at times has stopped to sit on the substrate in the middle of the tank. When swimming she is looking for food and is biting on the plants (as normal), but doesn't swim all the way to the surface and appears slower than usual. I did notice that the fish was suddenly hiding alot after a 30% water change 2 days ago. I thought she was perhaps stressed as I was moving some driftwood to clean and vaccum before doing the water change (she may have been near there but now I'm just guessing). I've attached a picture and my water parameters are as follows (note before the water change Nitrates were 5ppm and all other parameters were the same) Ph 6.8 Amonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Temp 17 degrees
  3. Thanks everyone, appreciate the advice - I'll do some research into alternanthera reineckii
  4. Thanks @Mmiller2001 and @xXInkedPhoenixX - please see attached picture. Please let me know if you'd like a better pic. Thanks again
  5. Hi everyone, Im new to the forum (and the hobby) and would appreciate any help or advice. My local pet store sold me an aquarium plant called a Purple Temple (Pisces Purple Temple). I am a beginner and although it looks great in the aquarium (and is sold as an aquatic plant), I have heard that some non-aquatic plants are sold as aquatic plants in general pet stores and can't help but question if this is an aquatic plant at all. My challenge is that I am considering removing this plant from the aquarium and into a terrarium where it can emerge from the water, but I can't seem to find any care information for this specific plant online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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