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  1. Thanks! I suspect the light might be a little too powerful… I fitted this tank with an external grow light since the Fluval one died. Is that a possible issue?
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone! I’m currently dosing 1ml daily in the tank with Easy Green + 50% water change once a week. Light is set to 8hrs daily. I’ve also included water levels below:
  3. Hey everyone, I just setup this tank about a month ago and am noticing this algae starting to cover most everything. Any thoughts on this? I’ve been dosing the tank with easy green daily and doing a 50% water change weekly. Would love some help!
  4. Hey everyone! I’ve been noticing this algae really blooming in my tank the past few weeks. Does anyone know what this is and how to treat it? Many thanks!
  5. AndyR


    Hey everyone, looks like things are declining for this fish unfortunately. I just ran aquarium salts a few days ago and added Ick-x late last night. Temp is currently set to 82F. What should I do? I really hate loosing fish 😔
  6. AndyR


    Thanks for this! What treatment would you suggest for either ailment?
  7. AndyR


    Hey everyone, I wanted to consult the pros here to see if this indeed looks like ick? I added a new plant from my local show last night and woke up to this. What would be the recommended treatment for whatever this is?
  8. Thanks everyone! I did a blackout last week and finally sorted out the media in the tank. It’s looking crystal clear
  9. Weeell…this might be my most embarrassing move yet. I went to check the filter and media and realized I never took off the plastic bags from any of the media. So, I imagine a lot of my issues could be simply from that alone. I’m going to try the blackout method this week. 🫠 🤯
  10. Thanks so much! I’ll give this a shot. I did a test strip earlier today and here is what the tank reads as well. What do you think?
  11. Thanks so much everyone! I’ve been using 1 pump of EasyGreen every 3 days along with a 30% water change weekly. Would it be worth trying a different fertilizer?
  12. Hey everyone, I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting my plants to grow since I start this tank 7 months ago. I’ve been fertilizing twice weekly, changing the water (30%) 1x a week and started using root tabs a month ago. Fluval grow light is on 7hrs daily. I’m also getting this funky moss on the gravel as well that rows back incredibly fast. Any help here would be amazing!
  13. Hey everyone, Just an update here, I did loose the Gourami sadly but, I did invest in a variety of medications that used and will have for the future. I have a 2nd Gourami that I’m now a little paranoid might also have dropsy. How does everything think this fella looks?
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