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  1. I got the Barlus 4k camera. https://barluscam.com/ but you can get them on Amazon for much cheaper. I stream it 1080p though since I don't have enough bandwidth but at home, viewing it at 4k is much nicer.
  2. Just a follow up. Fish is doing great now. It looks much better so I put it back in the pond. It's not flashing anymore.
  3. The ammonia burns were already there when I got him from my friend. It's slowly going away. I have lots of bubbles but I turned them off to take the picture and my water quality is great. I'll do as suggested and give an update in 1-2 weeks. Thanks everyone.
  4. I actually have one Sicce Shark ADV 800 with bubbles and a sponge filter and an airstone. The salt is at 0.3%. Should I try some other medicine for external?
  5. I did three doses of Kanaplex and two weeks of Metroplex so far. I think I have two more doses left of Metroplex left in the bottle. Do you think he's getting better?
  6. https://youtube.com/@livehawaiipond1170?si=PGh2ahRNzhoPSEV-
  7. Our pond had some type of internal parasites. There was white poop and a lot of flashing from some of the fish. I treated it with PraziPro and all seems good now after 3 weeks. I'm paranoid now so do I treat for external too just in case? I do not see any external issues on any fish. Only once in a while I see a fish flashing. I do have 0.1% salt in there.
  8. I got better pictures. The black spots on top were already there. I'm guessing they are nitrate burns? He was keeping two of these 10-12" in a 40g tank and never tested the water ever. Water changes once a month. Oh and this fish was flashing a lot on the bottom of pond and on top of other fish.
  9. I got this tin foil barb from my friend. I've had it for a couple months but now it's developing this. Sorry I don't have clearer pics. The other fish are fine including the other tin foil. I'm treating the pond with PraziPro just in case. I have the sick fish quarantined and I have 0.3% salt and using Kanaplex and Metroplex. I'm very new in the hobby so I'm not sure if I'm treating it correctly.
  10. Just wanted to share some pics from my underwater cameras in our above ground pond. I also have a camera on my outdoor aquarium tanks. Sorry the pictures don't come out clear when I do screenshots for some reason. I stream it live on YT so I can watch my fish 24/7. Sometimes it's more fun to watch the underwater cameras so you can see their behaviors.
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