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  1. AmyAmy

    Betta lethargic

    Thank you @Colu
  2. AmyAmy

    Betta lethargic

    @Colu I didn't write down the water tests but they were all within acceptable range for Bettas, or so what I Googled and found on a few different forums. I can retest and post the results here if that will help more. I do have a new heater coming tomorrow. The tank is only 3.5 gallons, and he has 2 snail tank mates. I do plan on getting him a 10 gallon tank, but I assume I shouldn't transfer him until he gets better? Thanks
  3. AmyAmy

    Betta lethargic

    Videos https://youtube.com/shorts/FoO7NwWek00?feature=share3 https://youtube.com/shorts/Ej2qT1jxpms?feature=share3
  4. Does not eat, pale, fins rotting away (yesterday they had red tips), Darts to surface for air, lethargic, sits at bottom of tank, heavy breathing, water parameters within range, heater programmed to stay between 72°-78° usually at 77.7°. Im assuming this is fin rot, but any advice is appreciated.
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