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  1. ads90

    Velvet, ich, or?

    For what it's worth the ich treatment worked on mine, it did take a little longer than I would have liked but it worked. Your pic doesn't look like epistylis to me but maybe the ones in the store more resemble that. I didn't end up losing any and it didn't spread any further than the new chilis.
  2. ads90

    Velvet, ich, or?

    My fish are doing well, one still has a few spots but that's the last of it on the group I got. I've been treating with ich-x and slightly raised temperature, I have shrimp as well. The fish are tiny and the spots are really hard to see, but I think what I'm doing is working.
  3. ads90

    Velvet, ich, or?

    I run my tank at 78- not sure what it was at the store. All other water parameters are pristine. I'll be relieved if it's ich, I was just worried with how small the spots looked. Good point about the eyes, I didn't know that was a differentiation! Thanks for the input
  4. I just brought home these chili rasboras from the co-op today, is this ich or velvet? I'm having trouble getting pictures that are any clearer than these, but I'm hoping someone will be able to tell for me. The rest of them look fine but I'm guessing there's no reason to pull this one if they were sharing a tank at the store, so I'm looking at treating the whole tank if necessary.
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