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  1. Okay, so you’re saying change the ramp up and down to 30minutes and 8 hours in between ?
  2. How about this? 1 hour ramp up, 6 hours on, 1 hour ramp down? 8 hours total.
  3. Well this is what I cranked the lights up to, gonna see what that does… hopefully it helps… look good?
  4. I’ve been keeping my drop checker at green for the co2. So why do people say that diatoms grow more crazy with higher light? Is there like a reason they think that?
  5. The filter was running for months, but then I gutted the tank, all new sand, plants and everything else is 100% new as of like a month or so ago. So basically the filter was established the rest wasn’t To show how much of a diatom issue I’m having:
  6. Okay, even if I see a lot of diatoms, just keep it all the way up? I was just told diatoms love light so confused is all. Haha 🙂 thank you for input
  7. You don’t think what is enough light? And you’re saying I’m fine with how I had it set? Or how nabo recommended me to change it?
  8. So it won’t hurt that I’ll be turning down my light right? Like will plants be alright etc? I was just told that you have to have max light with co2 that’s why I had it so high
  9. So I did look it up. I do for sure just have typical brown algae (diatoms) in my tank. It wipes right off leaves etc by hand. Also, does this look better for how the lights are set now?
  10. Hiya! Thank you for the reply! The diatoms are that red color. Or brownish red, keeps covering all the leaves and junk on my plants, but mainly the wood gets it pretty bad. I can rub it off with fingers very easily and gently. I have resulted to using a fx6 spray bar pointed upwards to the surface for agitation and circulation in the tank to move the plants some also. I’ll change my lights for sure if you think that could help! 🙂 I originally had them all at 75% besides blue 0% and red being 5% for the past few weeks, Then last night I cranked them up to what it shows in the picture because I read online that you need more intense light since I’m injecting co2 now, so was a little confused and jacked it up. Lol In case co2 settings are needed; I’m using a co2 art bazooka difusser with 45psi of pressure and not sure how many drops per second, I just know my drop checker is on the other side of the tank shows green. Took me 4 days to get it dialed in haha I do have a seachem tidal 110 on the way and I have those fluval clearmax bags here I planned to throw (2?) into to see if that would help the issue also.
  11. Hey guys, I’m 100% new here and I need some help. Little breakdown of my aquarium: 125 gallon/2-Fluval 3.0 36”/Black Diamond BS substrate/20lb co2 tank with all co2 art pro items/ fluval fx6/ 650gph circ pump to help spread co2 across tank 6-Red belly piranha, a couple nerite snails Okay so I’m having a huge issue with trying to figure out what perctages I should be running my fluval lights at. Right now I’m battling a lot of diatoms in my tank, I read online that higher light can make it better? I do have a drop checker and it is green. What should my lights be set at for my tank? And any suggestions on how to solve my diatom issue???? Plants I have: giant bungle val, tiger lotus, stem plants (not sure what, came in a lot of “Suprise” lol), Amazon swords, lots of crypts, pink flamingo, Crinum, broadleaf chain sword, Java moss, dwarf sag So mostly low-med light plants. Any help or advice and help is very much appreciated!
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