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  1. Power is still out over 8 hours later and it is 15 degrees outside. So sign of it coming on anytime soon. I have a battery pack that I am letting the sponge filter use. As for the heater I have no way of plugging it in. Inside the house is 50 degrees. Not sure if my beta will make it. ☹️
  2. My water is warmed by the power and have an electric stove. But that would be a good idea.
  3. What do you do when the power goes out? I don’t have a battery pack either. I have a beta in a 10 gallon and since no power the heater isn’t on. 💡
  4. Thank you so much! Being a new plant and fish mom I am so worried about my fish making sure he is ok all the time. Lol Do you think he is ok with his fins looking like that a bit ragged and him spinning in circles?
  5. My plants 2 weeks old in tank. I started out with 5 hours a day and then went up to 6hrs. I did put my first treatment of easy green on Friday. I will say I did the recommended dose for low lights and after doing that on Friday now all this black stuff popped up. So I feel I might have put too much easy green right now and the algae is taking advantage of it. I did a 20% water change yesterday. Hoping that would help with the too much easy green? And of course my tiger bulb wanted to start to float again and ended up in a different spot in the tank. 😞 It was: Nitrate 10, Nitrite 1, PH 7.2, Ammonia 0. I noticed yesterday my betas fins are rough around the edges and today he is swimming in circles a couple of times. So I am not sure what to do. My driftwood has something on it that I am worried on what it is. I tried to take a picture of what I am trying to explain I hope it helps. Today(picture): Nitrate 0, Nitrite 0, Hardness 300 (high for some reason?) PH 7.2, Ammonia 0
  6. Hello, So my beta is in his tank finally! Yay. I do notice in his new tank he is sleeping or resting his body moves around the tank. I know from him going to non movement water (was in a vase) to this he seems to be swimming a bit harder. But even in the vase I noticed his swimming isn’t as good. Would plants help with the current? It is a sponge filter with nano pump in 10 gallon tank. And notice he doesn’t like when the light is on even on the lowest settings trying to find a place to hide. What beginner background and floater plants would be nice in the tank?
  7. So today when I looked I see one clear/white worm looking thing? Moving around now. I know not a good picture but where the blue circle is it’s head.
  8. It was from a local fish shop and these where in a container by itself. They had a section of floater plants just in each plastic container. Should I use some 3% peroxide in the water? And yes I should try and see if I can grow more to see if I can get fresh ones.
  9. Oh no i wiped some of it off 😞 I thought it was dirt. Well now I know not to disturb it.
  10. Ok so I tested the tap water the top strip is my tap water. The bottom left is before 50% water change, prime and QuickStart dose. I noticed when I did the 50 % change I wiped the glass inside and it had some brown on it? But cleaned that put new water in. The bottom right is after the change.
  11. Hello, Just got some salvinia portion for my new tank to help shade my new low light plants. They are in “quarantine” right now. They are in just tap water. I notice they have these white things on them? Like on the left in the picture. I even took it out of the water to see if it was just the bubbles but they are on their and don’t know what they are. Are they snail eggs? I don’t know what they are exactly. Does anyone know?
  12. Thank you for all this information! Learning about the cycle has helped a bit. Now just need to keep trying to remember it. I will say I still have a bunch of this little bubbles still. I did a 25% water changed yesterday and got to put in my new plants. Today the bubbles are all over the surface of the water and when I open the lid some portions of the bubbles on top despite. I am waiting for my ammonia test kit to arrive to see how high the ammonia is. Right now in this tank is just the plants I am waiting to fix this bubble problem to put in my beta. He is in a vase with no heater or filter so I would like to get him in the new tank soon. Do I keep doing the water changes everyday? With the prime to dechlorinate the water and QuickStart too? Here are some pictures to explain more. Also the plants are so cute I hope they will be ok. I do have easy green but haven’t put any in yet.
  13. Hello, So I just recently bought a piece of hardscape and I see at some parts they are a bit frayed. I have been soaking it for almost 48 hours now and still has the fray. Is it ok to have it? Do I have to sand paper it to make the edges more soft? I have a beta fish and worried this might hurt his fins.
  14. United States and yes I am trying to find some myself. I called local fish stores and they said they havnt carried them in 3 years. Petsmart says they havnt had any in 2 years. Petco I havnt seen any in my area.
  15. Thank you for the responses. I just ordered a valve from here and some plants. I do feel that could be the cause of all the bubbles the ammonia. I received the beta unexpectedly and it is in a bowl with the marbles and no heater/filter in it right now. I am trying to set up this tank as fast as I can. Right now the tank has eco complete, sponge filter and heater. I have been putting prime every other day and one measure size of QuickStart. But I know their is nothing in it for the good bacteria to hold on to and I am worried to put in the fish right now. But the longer it is without the heater the worse it is. This will be my first planted tank with beta. The plants should be coming in in a couple days. What can I do for the ammonia and situation in general for the beta? Sorry for such a long post all so new. I just tested the water tonight. I still don’t know how to read the test strip. What does this test show?
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