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  1. Wow! I can't do 11 hours: Get a touch more algae than the clean-up crew can stay on top of. BBA especially starts to grow. Do you have plant fixtures/lights or standard lights? Do you have a heavily planted tank? Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Yes indeed! My fish seem to also love it. Do you find that adding a time with blue light is not ideal for plants, though?: i.e. They can't grow from/with blue light, but can't rest with it either (not enough time for respiration) ... all the while, algae CAN grow with blue light? (I'm not sure.) I'm trying to figure out if I can leave white lights on for 10 hours (my normal limit to get red plants at peak color w/out algae growth) and then add 2-3 hours of blue at night for everyone's wind-down, pre-lights-out, good-book-&-coffee-next-to-FishKids time. I guess I'm trying to figure out how blue light affects plants & algae.
  3. I so appreciate how you're always thinking about how to keep us informed and educated! A loving suggestion in regards to the blog posts that I've now started to read for the giveaways ("PICK ME, PICK ME!!!" - - How fun!): I always have a question when I'm not distracted by just enjoying watching your videos. Might one of the following options be possible? 1) A place to ask questions at the end of the article. 2) A LINK to a place to ask questions (specific to the article, with no hunting) at the end of the article. 3) A place to list questions for the next time you cover the same topic. Re: "A Matter of Light and Depth," I wanted to know how keeping blue lights on at night, when I watch TV, affects fish or plants. I LOVE the calm blue light in the evening. Wish I could afford the blue shimmer of a Kessil at night!!! I know that they're sold for salted aquariums, but I absolutely love the calm affect at the end of the day. No one really addresses blue light's affect on planted freshwater aquariums. Final thought: Our pet stores don't even know their water's PH, let alone anything else. I've even found so many mistakes on signage. I wouldn't have known how much I love my stinkin' cute fish without you! Thanks. Trying to financially support you as much as possible.
  4. I have a 10gallon-Tall in my kitchen/dining room for my Betta (12 x12 base, 19"tall). I feel like the HOB is just stupid for this tank as the bottom doesn't get filtration without modifications where you might as well use a sponge. Given that the footprint is more limited, and I want a taller column or greater vertical space of gentle water movement/filtration (for Mr Betta), it makes more sense to me to stack skinnier sponges. (Will end up looking like the sponge on the intake tube of my HOB without the need to prime my noisy, too violent for a Betta, floating-plant-eater HOB.) Wish I had a second tank like this to run experiments with sponge filters and dye, but then I'd probably just buy another Betta and neon tetras (my minions)! I absolutely love this tank as it's just as much joy as 2 small, stacked tanks. Looking for better-suited filtration for it. Love the idea of having two cycled sponges available for hospital visits without giving up aquarium floor space. (1) Would also love more ideas on stacking. (2) Would also like more visual demonstrations on using a powerhead to keep noise to a minimum in "conversation areas" of the home. (3) Would love ideas/solutions for minimizing excessive water flow for a Betta tank without loosing too much filtration...WITH a stacked sponge and powerhead (anyone have a 3D printer for a fancy, yet pretty tube?). Hope I'm not asking too much! ...A girl can wish.
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