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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed response! This helps a lot, I will keep an eye on the other plants.
  2. I have pothos with roots only in my aquarium. The leaves are out of the water. I’m reading conflicting advice. I have an active substrate ( contrasoil) and had caridinia shrimp. Are the pothos roots going to pull too much nutrients from my soil and ruin the buffering capabilities? the roots don’t touch the soil, but I’m not sure how it all works honestly. Thanks!
  3. Is this curling up mean he’s going to molt? I adore these little guys and hope this is all normal behavior. I’m concerned my GH is too high, but I don’t want to drastically change anything because I know they are sensitive. PH 6.2 ish Temp 69 ammonia 0 Kh 0 GH 9 TDS 180 thanks!
  4. I have an infestation of detritus worms in my fishless cycling 3 gallon. I planned on making it a shrimp tank but these worms are out of control, easily over 500 in there. I did a water change to see if it would and help and no luck. I don’t think my tank is dirty.. not sure why there are soooo many. I was adding ammonia to aid in the cycle. Is this too many nutrients being in the fluval stratum? My question is, am I doing something wrong here to have created all the worms? thanks.
  5. Thank you everyone, I forgot to add a photo as reference. I have a plant in there that’s got some food algae on it. I will test my tap water and see what I’m working with. Hopefully the stratum was a good choice.
  6. Hello, I recently moved and had a heck of a life change. I’m ready to start a shrimp tank again. I feel a little a little rusty and was looking for advice. I have fluval stratum ( first time using this) and 2 plants in a tank that has been cycling for about a month and a half. I tested the water. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite PH is lower than I’m used to PH is 6.7ish and 5.0 nitrate. KH is low at about 2ppm and TDS is 240. Tank is 3 gallon rimless. Thoughts on these parameters for cherry shrimp? Thoughts on increasing PH and or KH. Has my tank been cycling long enough to sustain shrimp only? thanks a bunch!
  7. Sponge filters I have, thank you! Any ideas for a baffle?
  8. Thank you! Hoping I won’t need a heater but I’ll keep an eye on temps.
  9. Hello, I was looking for advice for moving with your beloved fish. I am moving from the west coast to the east soon and want to bring my fish and shrimp friends. I have a betta, neon tetra and cherry shrimps. The betta is most important if I had to choose who makes the trip but I would love them all since I have worked so hard on the shrimps. is it possible to travel with them all in a filtered 5 gallon bucket? I know it’s not ideal but we will be on the road for just over a week. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. I have a lot of plants haha I think that’s why it’s all cratered looking. I’m thinking of moving/ adding lava rock and eventually eliminating the sand with water changes.. sand is kind of a big hassle. Thank you for your advice!
  11. I only have a sponge filter, every time I try to be delicate getting the algae and such off the sand while cleaning it takes out large holes. At the moment I have large areas of exposed plant roots due to less sand in the tank. I was hoping for an easy mix in to refill the areas but doesn’t seem that easy. maybe just add more sand and mix? Thanks!
  12. Would just adding lava rock with the sand be an option? I struggled with cycling my tank and now my water parameters are good, I don’t want this new substrate turning everything out of whack.
  13. Hello I have a planted 10gallon with sand as the substrate. The plants are fine as I use fertilizer but the sand always looks so dirty.. I wanted to switch to Fluval stratum but the bag reads not to mix. Am I supposed to empty all the sand out and re plant everything? I wanted to just mix in because every time I clean/vacuum I loose a bunch of sand and there are holes in substrate. mid there a better substrate I can just mix together with the sand until eventually all the sand is vacuumed away? Thanks!
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