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  1. What about male blue rams? Would it be better to just get females?
  2. I just got a second 75 gallon tank and I want to have angelfish, tetras and rams in it. What would be the right number of fishes for this tank? I don’t want make the mistake of overstocking my tank.
  3. I don’t. I just do a 25% water change. My tank is a planted tank.
  4. My Angelfish has redness at the base of his pectoral fin. I recently introduced 4 blue rams. One of them died. My tank also had other three angelfish, the partner of the one in the picture and two smaller ones that died yesterday. On my tank I also have 8 tetras, and a common pleco. What is causing this redness? It had happened once before and I did a water change and he got better. Yesterday I did a 50% water change. What should I look out for? or what can I do? tanks size:75 gallon ammonia: 0 ppm nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: 20 ppm pH: 7.6 temp: 80 F
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