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  1. Thanks, and I wanted to ask you what size is enough according to you?
  2. Hello, it so happens that more than a year ago, my mother bought some transgenic black tetras (the multi-colored ones) for the home, and I, in my room, have a fish tank with a guppy, a cory and a few neon tetras. The thing is that both aquariums are not the right size, and I'm moving to an apartment soon, so I want to take all the fish and put them in a much bigger aquarium, the problem is that I don't know if I can mix all those types of fish, you who know, what do you think?
  3. Hello, thanks for answering. The instructions on the bottle are a bit poor, they only say how much to use, and I do use a dechlorinator. The truth is, I am from Costa Rica, from an almost rural area, it is very difficult to get good advice in pet stores, or good products. For example, there is no way to buy live plants anywhere, and Amazon is a pain and shipping is very expensive here. Where I bought those fish, which have been with me for a long time, and I bought them without knowing anything, like almost all of us started, they only told me to add dechlorinator and methylene blue to each water change. I have become more informed until recently that I began to wish for better conditions for my fish, as I was almost a child when I bought them. Any advice is helpful, you should know that the fish look good, but I know that there are things that need to be learned to improve their quality of life, but here it is complicated, as I already mentioned, due to the lack of products and people to consult.
  4. It turns out that I, for more than two years, have been using methylene blue in aquariums at every water change, because that is what the store told me to do, but now that I look for more information, I see that they say that this is bad for the fish. Would there be a risk of infection or something like that if I stop using methylene blue on these fish that are already used to it?
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