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  1. I just got this anubias in and it looks like some leaves came off in shipping. There isn't much left of it. Think it'll be OK? Any tips to get this little guy happy? Thank you!
  2. Welcome Beardedbillygoat1975... I just started in the planted tank hobby myself. Have one tank I just started and I'm already looking at other plants to try. No way I could fit anymore but I keep telling myself one more couldn't hurt!
  3. Will the Baby Dwarf Tears be alright if I lower my light? Thank you for your reply!
  4. 5 day old 36 gallon fishless. Plants: Baby Dwarf Tears; Brazilian Pennywort; Dwarf Pennywort; Bacopa Salzmannii Purple; Alternathera Reineckii Scarlet Temple; Java Moss. All new. CO2: Drop check is green API: Master Test Kit PH. 6.2 Ammonia: 2ppm (Dr. Tims) Nitrites: 1-2ppm Nitrates: 0ppm KH: 2 drops (not sure how to read this one) TDS: 350 Fluval Stratum and Eco Complete. Driftwood. API Quick Start. Easy Green 3 pumps every other day skipping weekends. Crushed coral. Finnex 24/7 High light. HOB filter. Very small amount of hair algae on BDT, nowhere else. Ok! Nerd stuff out of the way! Very new to planted tanks. Here is my question: Is it normal to have 0 nitrates after dosing Easy Green (test was 2 hours after dosing)? My ammonia is high because of Dr. Tims, is the nitrite coming from the fertilizer, Quick Start, or both? Should I dose more Easy Green to get nitrates up even though nitrites and ammonia is high? Am I missing something completely? Thank you!
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