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  1. I’m looking for something 2-3 inches in size, and breeding would be cool but I would like to avoid aggression, as all the dwarf cichlids I’ve had have been bullies when they breed. So most likely I’d be looking for a solo specimen. Would a sunset thick lip gourami be too large? It is a 3 foot tank but only 10 inches wide. Aren’t German blues relatively sensitive? This tank is going to be moving with me too and from college during breaks and I wouldn’t want something so cool dying on me mid trip 😅
  2. I’ve seen plenty of people do filterless aquariums like this and as long as it is heavily planted with a light bio load I wouldn’t see too many issues arising. For something that small I would stick to a sponge filter as I wouldn’t want the shrimp to be living within a vortex lol.
  3. Hey guys! currently I have a 12 gallon long with 6 habrosus cories and a betta that unfortunately has a tumor growing on the right side of his head. He’s had this tumor for about 6 months now and I’ve noticed in the past few weeks he’s been slowing down and not eating as much. I was wondering what centerpiece fish I could get when he eventually passes. I’ve kept apistos (didn’t do so well in hard chicago water), kribs, nanacara, Bolivian rams, as well as honey gouramis. I’m looking for something new to keep that may be a little unusual. Currently researching some microctenopoma species as well as a paradise fish but I’m scared of the potential aggression. Any suggestions are welcome!
  4. Is that a green spot? I’ve always thought they were super cool but never had a brackish tank large enough for them.
  5. Hey guys! I’ve got a 12 gallon long that measures 3ft by 10 inches by 10 inches and was wanting an algae grazer in there to give the bottom of the tank more spunk. I’ve got 6 habrosus cories and a male betta currently as the only stock. It is also heavily planted with various crypts, anubias, dwarf chain sword, hygrophila polysperma, dwarf aquarium lily, Java ferns, and floaters like salvinia and giant duckweed. I’ve been battling myself on which fish to get, a panda garra or reticulated hill stream loach? For those of you who’ve had experience with the species, which is more active? Any territorial behavior towards other species? Which is the more voracious algae eater? Thank you so much in advance!
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