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Banana plant issue

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I've had this banana plant since October 2020 and it had been doing (as far as I knew) just fine. About a month or two ago it started losing leaves, and had no new growth. It has been in the pictured state for a few weeks now without any leaves. It is in a 5 gallon planted tank I dose a liquid fertilizer (easy green) in about once a week. The "bananas" are firm and seem alive. I'm just wondering if it is salvageable at this point. Any info on what I could try would be appreciated.

Thanks 20210227_162957.jpg.9517a3beb5058f276580fa177ccbb57f.jpg

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From my research and experience, I do know that banana plants have a winter hibernation mode. Its sorta the reason why they have those tubers to store nutrients. Although i have never done it myself, some people claim you can trick banana plants into go in winter mode, by changing water temperature and lighting. Thats the claim anyways. So far my experience with them has been little bangs and busts. They sprout leaves, shoot runners, and eventually the leaves wither a way, and then repeat. Im not sure if thats just what they do, or if i am doing something wrong. Other claims ive seen to get them to grow is put root tabs under them, and use CO2, both of which i havent tried yet. I do know however that i have had banana plants that have no leaves just like yours, and with enough time and fertz they do eventually sprout leaves again. It did take them quite a while to decide to do so (a couple months as i recall), but i have witnessed first hand bare tubers like yours sprout new leaves. 
i hope this helps.  Im not a banana plant expert, just a guy with 4 trying to raise them the best i can. 

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