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So if my new alternatha reickii mini lost all leaves, can it still survive?

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I suppose time will tell, but I figure I’d ask anyway. 

I bought a UNS tissue culture alternatha reickii 3 days ago. Never bought a tissue culture plant before. Figure I’d try something new. 

The stems themselves are about a half an inch, with leaves and roots compacted into a single “bushel.” I used my pincers to place each bushel partly buried in my substrate. 

Now all leaves are gone and the stems were so small to begin with that I literally can’t see them. Even if they are there.  

The attached pic is from right after planting them. 


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Posted (edited)

Time will tell.   I wouldnt be quick to pull the stems…


AR has been my black beast plant.    It is one of the worst algae magnets in my experience.  I have gotten it to thrive in a compact bushy for free of algae and then poof!  Melt away and  or get algae infested…,


fwiw I have had best success with tissue culture AR., and it definitely likes strong co2 injection and high light and nutrients.

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Yeah this is a low-tech tank with moderate lighting. Maybe not suited.  

And at this point I couldn’t pull the stems if I wanted because they’ve “disappeared.” But I suppose it’s possible for the bare  stems to start growing  leaves,  even if it’s unlikely  

Thanks! Maybe I aimed too high for my modest setup. 

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I have gotten AR to survive in a low tech tank, but it certainly has never thrived.  Leggy straggly growth and always with algae infested old leaves to prune off…

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