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Wavemaker in a Multifasciatus tank?

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Tank: 20 gal long

Filter: Tidal 35

Wavemaker: 500 gph

Also using an air stone with the air flow turned way down


My 20 gal long Tanganyikan shell dweller tank finally has the fish in it. I got lucky at a local aquarium enthusiast meeting and bought 5 Multis for CHEAP at the auction. The fish seem to love their new home but I'm not sure if I should keep the wavemaker on full time, take it out or just run it for a few hours per day. With it off, the fish seem much happier being able to explore without so much current. I have 2 shell areas with rocks in the middle to break LOS. The shell pile opposite the wavemaker is where the current is strongest (when on) and the fish really seem to have to swim to stay close to the shells there.

What do most other shell dweller owners here recommend?

Thanks...as always!

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