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White Spots on Java Moss

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I noticed these white spots in a new tank that’s been cycling for a little over a month. It has Java moss, dwarf sag and guppy grass as well as 2 snails that must’ve snuck in as eggs on the plants. There are no fish or shrimp yet. Can anyone tell me what these spots on the Java moss might be? I just noticed them this morning. Are they a problem that should keep me from adding fish? Thank you.


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Could be hydra, a microorganism closely related to jellyfish. You usually don't need to worry about these. They can't sting powerful enough to harm you, your fish, or shrimp, but they do eat other microfauna. You can remove them if you want, or not. If you plan to breed shrimp or nano fish, they may eat the fry, but that is a maybe.

Take this as a compliment that you have great, healthy water!

Here is more info:



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