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If you have been thinking of buying a generator…


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But have hesitated due to the price…


I just bought a Sportsman inverter based generator perfectly sized for  up to several fish tanks, keeping  fridge cold,  recharging electronics etc…

It is only 800 watts running load and 1,000 watts start up load, so it isn’t going to run your whole house..


but it weighs around 30 pounds, is much quieter than non inverter based units and is on sale now from a reputable big box store for shipping for $169.99. Normally $299.00.


It was enough for me to pull the trigger to add another generator for my business

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Bear in mind, when I say this generator can keep a fridge cold, that is if you have a typical freezer on top unit under 20 or so cubic feet that was made within the last 10years or so.


One of these will consume roughly 1.5 kwhr per day and about360 watts when the motor is running.  The generator has sufficient starting wattage to start one of these.  If you have a large double door sliding drawer  model, you might need a bigger generator…

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