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Sicce Scuba Contactless water heater

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So I just wanted to get some peoples thoughts. I purchased the 400w of the above water heater which many youtubers gave glowing reviews. So far i'm not impressed and really miss the co-op heater. Now all of the frustrations could be my specific phones NFC but I question that design anyway. This water heater boasts "contactless" NFC technology, BUT if I want to use the heater I have to essentially touch my phone to the heater, and not just once for set up but any time you login. Oh, you want to change your temperature? You have to scan it a second time to confirm the temperature change. I don't understand why they went this route or why people were so excited about this, making a Bluetooth control heater with the functionality of say the fluval 3.0 would of been a better way to go. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? 

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I haven't used the Sicce Scube, but I agree that the Fluval 3.0 lights with Bluetooth and app have worked extremely well.  It connects quickly and the changes are instantly transferred to the light.  Definitely an A+.


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