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Hey, all 3 of my tanks are getting covered in stringy cladophora algae, its like normal green hair algae but super tough feeling and does not come off plants and other surfaces easily. When I try to remove it from plants no matter what the plant comes with it and every time I grab a piece it breaks off into tons of little bits of algae that float everywhere. On the good side of things non of my plants are suffering, they all are still super healthy and growing fast but so is the algae.

Does anyone have any advice on how to kill it? Preferably a shrimp and snail safe option because 2 of the 3 tanks have shrimp and snails. image2(7).jpeg.495746f1a901d076056a5bcd988f32fd.jpegimage8(2).jpeg.fca17e0bd60509b2e354a9458de271b6.jpegimage7(4).jpeg.3e58dab30775fdfd0837bab3e2a45168.jpegimage6(2).jpeg.293af639378d511cb69aee452d670509.jpegimage5(2).jpeg.bc48178d190b0e86a654e3294a9ea2c8.jpegimage0(5).jpeg.d334535adb0fefc6c824d3cc1e560ff5.jpegimage1(11).jpeg.c9167fe1f47b78c0042d6ee6ad357c21.jpegimage4(6).jpeg.ca597b7704e268d4eb33fd69c408e357.jpeg

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