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Help identifying baby snail please :-)


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Hi aquatic experts!  Thanks for all the help we’ve gotten from lurking here!

After getting our tanks set up and cycled, we decided to add some nerite snails so we wouldn’t have to manage reproduction explosions - just put 3 new ones in a week ago.  

Silly me, I added some hornwort after a 10 minute soak in bleach about a month ago… didn’t see any snail eggs but now I’m pretty sure I missed at least one as we just spotted the attached little guy speeding around - am I right thinking this is a bladder or pond snail, and not a nerite that hitched a ride unnoticed??


Thanks so much!!






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For what it’s worth, Nerite’s cannot reproduce in freshwater as they require brackish water to do so. The worst thing about them is the females will lay eggs, though. They look like sesame seeds, and they’re super hard to remove from where they’re laid. That being said, it’s literally impossible to have a Nerite population explosion in freshwater. 

As I said above, I’m definitely on team snail and welcome bladder snails and Ramshorn snails into my tanks. Super beneficial in my opinion. 

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I have noticed that in my tanks with nerites that the bladder snails disappear (or nearly so) over time.  Assassin snails will keep them in check, but in tanks with HOBs, it's a losing battle.  I think the nerites just outcompete them.

I removed the assassins from my discus tank (which is full of bladder snails) and there's a flush of bladder snails again.  So they were doing something.

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