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(Another) New Betta


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I bought him with the idea of breeding, then thought maybe not based on a better look at his tail . . . then maybe yes based on color . . . then maybe not based on the echidna nose which I think is adorable but is generally considered undesirable.  So, he may or may not be reproducing, but either way he’s pretty.  Meet Cornelius.  A18DB32D-B16B-46A2-AB44-7655EF514A42.png.e5435a5d47d0cf43bd59d0737e2f6239.png6609E1E6-ADAE-493D-ADCF-9B400A1B0D22.png.981988ed670a60814d67b81135ce13cd.pngD46B5101-23B7-4BFA-AF07-762BAE96518C.png.059d08b172d62a9de97661b8dbbf36fe.png473C7673-7E32-4D2A-8A41-0046B291FBE0.png.1bda231a5e52e3c69d9b569b8192f4af.png

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