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Hello all.

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I have two questions to ask I'm not sure what to do. I have a 20 tall and I tried several different lights and can't seem to get anything to grow is the light here at aquarium co op .... the light I should have bought in the first place won't be strong enough to get to the bottom and grow plants?? Second question I see an aquabad that they are selling the Colombian giant Rams Horn snails.. are these legal to own.. oh I live in Michigan so they wouldn't live if they escaped.. LOL thanks for your time appreciate input.. swimming free

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What I have is a couple of Lights I bought off eBay for like $18 each.. they are LEDs they do have some red and some blue LEDs in it and they're on for 14 hours a day and barely grow algae.. I have Guppies in that tank right now.. by the way thanks for the input..

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