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Dwarf hairgrass on cocoa mats questions

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I decided to experiment with carpeting by buying dwarf hairgrass that came on cocoa mats. Three questions: The mats keep floating off the aquasoil substrate. Should I weight them down with rocks? Also, about how long does it usually take for hairgrass on mats to root in the soil? Will they propagate off the mats?

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I've had success by hollowing out a space for the mat, so that the top of the mat is level with the rest of the substrate then using some plant weights in between hairgrass plants to weigh it down without covering up hair grass like stones would. I find it less successful per dollar/amount of plants though, that either potted specimens or even tissue culture. I don't know if it is all grown emerged and the mass transition causes a mess or if I am doing something wrong, but I've stopped buying coco fiber matted carpeting plants. 

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