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Starting over


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After losing Miso & Zamboni, I let my tank sit  for about five weeks. I cleaned it, did water changes and took care of the plants. I wanted to give frogbit another try so I paid my LFS a visit. Frogbit was out of stock, but I didn't leave empty-handed...  

Zamboni 2.0, a white mystery snail,  has entered the ring. I believe I have a girl 🐌

She seems to enjoy the floating log, and has been touring about the tank for the last 24 hours. I went back to the LFS & picked up the frogbit and added a piece of chipped cuttlebone today.

Here's to restarting my tank! I really missed having water critters. 


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I feel you. I lost my Ricks, my blue mystery snail couple weeks back and it was really sad. He was my joy.

I was encouraged to buy 4 more friends to Morty, my gold mystery. I'm starting to love it again. Bad news for you tho, I found two of them snacking on my frogbits last nite 😄

I'm glad you have given yourself another chance to start over!


P.S: Lately I've seen some people mentioning these floating logs causing people to have their bettas crush between the log and the glass and get hurt. I'm not sure how I feel about them anymore. Mystery snails are always up to injure themselves out of nowhere. Be careful :')

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