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Damselfly problem…maybe


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Hi all and happy weekend to you!

I have seen what I believe are molts of two damselfly “shells” on the rim of my tank. I’m just now coming to understand the plague they could be on my tank. While I can’t be 100% sure as of late I feel like I’m missing a few of my nano fish. I have a 65 gallon with about 40 nano fish so it’s hard to count. But something definitely feels off. I’m wondering if these bugs are now in my tank and snacking on my nano fish. I have not seen any bugs during my daily tank hang out - to be fair I haven’t been looking for them. It seems like they are incredibly hard to get rid of. My tank is heavily planted and I’m not sure that manual remove is on my side. In addition to my fish, I have shrimp and snails. I’ve read that various treatments - salt, copper, temperature changes, planarium(?) meds - will kill them, but will also likely hurt and /or kill my other tank inhabitants. 

My question to you all is - are there any fish that will eat damselflies? 
The tank includes - CPDs, red neon blue eyed rainbows, lamp eyes, emperor tetras, pearl Gourami, snails, shrimp. 

Any advice is welcome and much appreciated! 


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