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Birthing center

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She has been hanging out at the birthing center should be any day now. She is the baby of the 1st fish I ever breed she was born 4/1/21 was down to my last male and female in this line I'm trying to make I hope everything goes well. There father was a all orange and the mom was a purple Russian I really want to keep this line going 





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That's what I'm thinking acting vary slow unless I feed hang at the top only in a few spots. I'll have to watch I'm going to pull her as soon as I see the fry. I really don't want to lose this line 1st fish I ever tried to breed and the combo I made is just the colors I wanted 

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I'm sorry. It does sound like it was her time. She also has a slightly bent spine which I highly doubt is to genetics but more age and pregnancy. It happens unfortunately. It sounds like you did an amazing job with her. 

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