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New pea puffers

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Hello. I just got pea puffers around 5 days ago I believe one is male because it has a strip running down its tail. And the other don't. Iv not seen the girl eat at all and the boy dose chase her but iv not seen him peck her. This morning she was on the side of the sponge filter I thought I lost her but when I nudge her she started swimming fine I'm worried ph is a Lil high for them at 7.6 and the water is a Lil hard too. Every thing else is good. There in a 20g standard any insight would be gr8 thanks.. I have been looking for almond leafs but no luck I may drive to a petco a hr or so away and try out of town because there are none around me. 




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I’ve had a heck of a struggle with pea puffers it’s finally starting to come to a halt. What helped me was adding leaves, prefilter sponge, and extremely stable parameters. I don’t think they care as much as people might say about whether or not the water is hard or soft but rather nitrates/ nitrites/ ammonia/ chlorine/ temp. I’ve found that with the ones I sourced even thriving if any one of these things swings in a different direction they have been much more sensitive to it then my other fish

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