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Hello From North Carolina!

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Hello!  Patch here!

I'm a brand new aquarium hobbyist.  Currently have a 32gal main tank (fluval flex) and a 10 gallon quarantine tank that has been hastily converted into a breeder tank of sorts for a shrimp shipment I just received that had hatching eggs and pregnant females.

The 32 gallon main tank has at the moment:

  • 5 danios
  • 6 neocaridina shrimp, 4 red and 2 blue.

The 10 gallon tank has 8 blue neocaridina, plus an unknown amount of juveniles.  These, once this breeding cycle is over and settle out, will go into the main tank and I'll convert it to a quarantine tank again.

I may be getting slowly obsessed with shrimp, so expect to see a dedicated shrimp tank in the future, once the main tank settles out.

Our main tank is currently all artificial.  We catered the build around kiddo's interests and 'I want that one!" requests in the store.  We wanted her to be as invested as a four year old can be with the tank, hoping to help foster any interest in her.  Although the patch of Aquarium Co-op Java Moss in the quarantine tank will be relocated in the main tank when the time comes 😄

I also plan on creating a journal entry and keep it updated, as someone 'brand new to the hobby'



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