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Algae Identification

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Any idea what type of algae this is? I was wondering if it was blue green algae.

This is in a 20 gallon long, finnex stingray light with 6 hour light cycle. Tank is over 2 months old now gets a 25-40% water change about every 5 days and filter (tidal 35) serviced every 10 days. I fertilize with easy green with each water change. Nitrates have always been 10-20 ppm. 74 degrees F. Home to 14 CPDs, 6 julii Cory's, and 8 amano shrimp. The amanos do a great job of cleaning the hardscape but seem to leave this alone for the last 2 weeks. That makes me wonder about BGA. Yes I see the BBA on the dwarf sag.





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Thank you all!

There is definitely some staghorn algae around the hardscape in another area of the aquarium. But when I scrape this off it's more slimy and comes off in clumps. Cladophora seems like a possibility. I didn't know Cladophora was a thing, so I appreciate the input!

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