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Seeking suggestions for nano fish that like to hide

Undr Life

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I’m working on designing and 3D printing aquarium decor with lots of hiding spaces. For photos and videos, I’d really like to show fish hiding/swimming in and out of the recesses (roughly 1.5x2” openings). I tried the decor with my chili rasboras, but they seem to prefer to swim around in the upper open water.

I’m looking for nano fish that would best make use of the decor. 

Fish I’ve considered:

-Kuhli loaches (love hiding in caves, but most sites recommend a 15+ gallon aquarium)

-Tail spot pygmy corries (do these gravitate toward caves, or prefer to swim mid-water?)

-Otocinclus (Not as cool looking as some others imo, but from what I can find, it seems like they like hiding caves )

Any other fish ideas? Thank you!

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Emerald Dwarf Rasboras. They dwell in the bottom-mid level and they dart in and out of my plants and my hiding spaces so playfully. 

I have a hard time getting a good photo but they are one of my favorite fish.  I got mine from Aqua Huna. 

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