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Grow brown diatom algae on purpose?

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Hello All,

Has anyone tried growing brown diatom algae on rocks outside the tank? 

I ask because my otos love it.  I'd like to grow some algae-covered rocks to use as supplemental food for them.  I already give them Repashy and vegetables, but they must compete with the platies for those foods.  I think they'd like to have a nice algae-covered stone now and again, but I'm unsure how to do it.  


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I think ottos are pretty good nocturnal eaters. I would feed them repashy when the lights are off if platies compete them for food, if they accept repashy.

Brown diatom grows with silicate, so I bet it would be hard to grow without a new substrate or if your water already does not include some already


People heavily fertilize and leave the rock pieces on sunlight to grow algae on them and put them in the tanks in a row. you may try that one!

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