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Single Male Molly


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My daughter has a single, gold dust, male molly.  He lost his mate to some weird illness.  He seems to have an issue, as he sometimes looks pregnant.  Perhaps internal parasites?  Due to the many issues that he and his mate arrived with, he has been treated with one round of parasite treatment, salt, and antibiotics.  He is definitely better, but I am wondering if I should try another round of parasite treatment to rid him of any newly hatched worms in his gut.  Any advise?

Also, he was with a gourami that became to hostile.  They are separated, so both are alone.  I am trying to figure out what to do about tank mates for him.  He seems really upset about being alone.  I have a gentle betta that I could put with him.  However, I am concerned about both him making her sick and the salinity of his water.  Should I try putting them together?  getting new females? a male?  Advise?  Thank you!

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