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Carpeting plant


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all plants require C02. however pretty much all water has some in it, and by providing surface agitation in our tanks, we help introduce some to the plants.

i understand that you dont want to setup a C02 system though.

The truth is, most quote "C02 requiring" plants can grow without, the growth is just boosted/sped up with C02.

here are some suggestions:

dwarf hairgrass, will grow slowly without C02, but will still carpet slowly

Micro Sword, not sure on speed, but it will carpet with some medium lighting

Dwarf Sag with stay small in high light, but in low light gets large

Crypt Lucens is a small carpetting crypt, it grows very slowly


Dwarf Chain Sword may be a little taller then what you are looking for, but apparently carpets fast.

a major thing with carpetting plants is patience. you wont get a plant carpet overnight, with or without C02, it will take a month or two.


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