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JU5T's Boring 10g Learning Experience Journal (nothing to see here)


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My first planted tank learning experience. Really boring. Probably just pictures of plants dying. I'll update this first post and first pic to show how it's looking currently.

Currently: 10g, Crypt Wendtii, Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, Scarlet Temple


Fish: None

Plans: Remove Scarlet Temple if it doesn't survive. Replace with Java Ferns attached to rocks in the background. Add Pothos/Spiderwort to the filter and a side hanger. Add 2 pea puffers I already have.

Journal first step:


Until now I've only ever kept Goldfish (several years ago) which was quite the workout. I love them, but I was up for a new challenge. Something I could grow live plants in and fish that were easier to care for. I have 2 pea puffers (I guess I'm attracted to little poop machines) that are currently in my son's tank. After this one is more established and is done cycling I will add them.

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I know. I give me a 50/50 chance.

2 pea puffs I got at my LFS. They were in their display tank. They are a fully grown pair of male/female buddies. Where one goes the other follows. I'm not sure how much life they have left in them, I didn't ask, but they are really well tempered and currently living in my son's planted tank. He's trying to teach me the ropes.

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