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Best beginner breeding projects


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On 2/7/2023 at 1:05 PM, SandBkeeper said:

Hi everyone, 


I'm looking to start a new breeding project that is fun, relatively easy, and doesn't take up too much space. I have an empty 10 gal tank, 5 gallon tank and an aqua one betta trio. What would you do with this set-up? 

I am having a blast breeding Blue Dream and Cherry Shrimp in two different 10-gallon tanks. I did have some Cherrys in a 5gal, but I grew concerned with the water parameters and planera. So now I keep a few baby guppies in each 10. On the guppy note, I am currently breeding a ton in a 55 gal. Started in a 20 but they quickly exploded and decided to move them. So, my advice, if you plan on breeding guppies in a 10... be ready to offload them sooner than you think! But many do it to line breed, just be ready 😂 Best of luck!!!

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