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New axolotl mama and about 3 weeks ago, he got sucked up in the gravel vac (no gravel, just used for poo). He was prescribed an antibiotic dip, daily for a week. His lacerations have gotten better however, he hasn’t eaten and his coloring is off (sometimes it seems better than others). Since he was tubbed for about 2 weeks, my cycle crashed as well. The vet suggested I put him back in his tub with hopes he would get comfy and eat but Ijust feel like nothing is working. Any suggestions out there? Below are some pictures from the beginning of the process til yesterday






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Yes, your axolotl will greatly benefit from indian almond leaves.  These have antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can boil them and make a "tea" and pour that into the water, as well as add the leaves to the bottom of the tank. Be sure to dechlorinate your "tea" also.

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@Chickenlgs here is an informational page on using the leaves for axolotls.

This is Quex. He is my friend’s axolotl. He is standing on the almond leaves. She does not make a tea. She just puts the leaves in and allows them to break down over time.


You’ll want to avoid any dechlorinators that contain aloe (such as Stress Coat). Axolotls do not tolerate aloe. Seachem Prime is safe for axolotls.

If the axolotl gills are curved forward, that means he is stressed out. That is something you can watch for. He may do that until his wound heals up.

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